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Federal Supply Service
Contract No. GS-35F-5466H

Special Item No.: 132-51 Information Technology (IT) Professional Services
Special Item No.: 132-52 Electronic Commerce (EC) Services
Special Item No.: 132-33 Perpetual Software Licenses
Special Item No.: 132-34 Maintenance of software
Category Code S

Our SIS technical staff is dedicated to the provision of unparalleled professional services to our government customers.

These services include technical management, application engineering, performance improvement, and information systems. All can be procured under the GSA schedule.

SIS has long been committed to innovations in information technology and the implementation of the latest information systems. SIS stays abreast of and anticipates the challenges, issues, and opportunities in contemporary and future information technology. Working with our clients, SIS insures that all of their goals, outcomes and objectives are achieved or exceeded.

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