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October /02/ 2015








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Solid Edge University 2015


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*Case Studies*

The car designed with Solid Edge won

 the $5 million X Prize. Innovations and lessons learned with the concept car led to greater fuel efficiency in the production car. "Synchronous

 technology is helping us develop the Very Light Car in a very short timeframe," said Brad Jaeger,

 director of research and development at Edison2.


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*SIS GSA Advantage*



SIS Inc. Was Awarded GSA Schedule: Federal Supply Service Contract: #GS35F160CA




A GSA Schedule is a contract awarded to qualifying companies offering their products and

services to Federal, State and Local Government customers.



Why Use GSA?


 GSA Contract is favored by perspective agencies buyers because:

  • Dramatically reduces acquisition lead time
  • Creates increased efficiency for the Public Sector
  • Pre-negotiated rates and prices results in proposals being viewed as fair and reasonable by the customer
  • It is a 5 Year Contract
  • Eliminates the bidding process
  • Allows multiple agencies the ability to award contracts to SIS without going to the open bid market



*Robotics News Update*


Written By: CAPT. Rick Simon


The Robotics Team has been busy this past month with getting the first OSD Sea Mob vessel to sea.  That USV is due to execute a major demonstration the end of October and until then the team will be busily checking out and tuning the autonomous system.  The team has also played a major role in integrating a new radar system to the perception suite.


SwampHammer, our EO/IR Stereo System, is now in its final stages of testing and we have been waiting for just the right weather (rain but no lightening) to finish up collecting data on how the system responds to bad weather.  Expect that this project will wrap up in October and then enhancements will be made to the SwampHammer from all the lessons learned.  The enhanced SwampHammer will then play a major role in Swarm II demonstrations.


We have a new addition to the Robotics Team.  Please welcome aboard Marty Chiaradia as our new engineering intern!  He comes onboard just as we are starting to ramp up on some major projects that he will play a big role in.




*New SIS Staff*


SIS Is growing fast and we are happy to 

welcome our 3 New Staff 

members at SIS Inc!



* Intern-Martin Chiaradia*

My name is Marty.
I am working on my Masters Degree

 in Computer Engineering over 

at ODU. I am the new intern here 

in the Virginia Beach office.


 *South East Account Manager -George Ingols*

I'm a New Sales person, my name is George Ingols.

I come from a Sales background in the CAD/CAM industry

I live and work out of Atlanta, GA covering the Southeast

 territory for SIS. I'm married to Jane, who is an Artist, and 

we have a Son Alexander and his wife Charlotte. 


*North East Account Manager-Joe Blannett*

I'm Joe Blannett, the new sales guy! 

I am an Art major who graduated from Lafayette 

College. Realizing that I needed to make money I started

 my career in sales. I worked direct for Siemens for 

7 years and now have joined the SIS team.

I work from my home office in Chalfont, PA a 

northern suburb of Philadelphia.



*First Line Of Support*


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