SIS offers an extensive line of engineering and support services for its Federal and commercial customers. SIS offers expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering and systems engineering.

SIS has experience with proven results in helping maritime and industrial organizations control and reduce operational costs, solve logistics and engineering problems, manage programs and improve financial management.

You can reach the SIS support team via email or call 757-461-5206 ext. 104.

Hours of Operation

SIS Standard hours of operation for receiving and responding to support requests are as follows:


Recognizing the significance of training in today's competitive industrial environments, SIS has brought together industry leading consulting and training. SIS is a recognized provider of customized technical, marine training for industrial and other process-orientated industries. Additionally, SIS can offer a range of tailored courses and curriculum design expertise. SIS is committed to setting the industry's standard for training.

SIS offers several training options for our valued clients. We offer a variety of software training including these products:

More detailed information on our Software Training and locations may be requested here.

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