3D Digital Documentation

Digital 3D data capture systems provide a cost effective method of documenting the as-maintained assets and environments. SIS developed its expertise in using commercially available (COTS) digital scanning systems which allow for reverse engineering of critical and complex obsolescence parts, configuration management of buildings and large spaces.

By integrating 3D digital imaging technologies available in the market with high-end CAD modeling and design software, SIS provides the ideal first stage solution for generating technical data packages that link directly into digital fabrication, traditional and additive manufacturing.

SIS has developed two innovative products that embody its expertise in digital 3D data capture and data processing. SIS maintains five patents on its products and technologies.


3D Snapshot

3D Snapshot is a breakthrough digital 3D imaging system that generates a 3D geometry with 2D texture overlay of the captured image. The entire process, from data capture through generating 3D point clouds, solid model and textured 3D model, is performed automatically with no off-line processing by the user.

The system can also be modified for OEM partner applications.

Downloads for 3D Snapshot




SIS' 3D Imaging System (3DIS) enables professionals to quickly produce accurate, visually-rich complex digital information about target large spaces and objects. While directing and detecting a pinpoint of laser light as it scans the target's surfaces, the 3DIS digital camera simultaneously captures a 360° field-of-view color photo image of the target. Once 3DIS completes the capture phase, it automatically executes proprietary point processing algorithms. The system then generates a dimensionally-accurate digital 3D model of the target space or object, automatically fuses the image texture onto 3D model geometry, and exports the file formats ready for commercial high-end design applications and import into 2D/3D CAD packages.

3DIS is suitable for applications such as "as-built" analysis of plants and facilities, rapid prototyping or the reverse engineering fabrication of items, or computer-based interference checking and inspection activities.

The camera's 360-degree (pan) and 315-degree (tilt) mount enables it to capture data in virtually any orientation with minimum operator input. As a single, self-contained system, the 3DIS frees resources, reduces time, improves process efficiencies, and empowers professionals with an innovative tool for increased creativity in the design process.

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