SIS has developed a revolutionary solution to address 2D facial recognition limitations (lighting, pose, expression, etc.), by drawing upon its extensive research in 3D imaging and recognition technology.

3D Snapshot is a breakthrough digital 3-D acquisition system that generates 3D geometry with 2D texture overlay.

The entire process from data capture through generating 3D point clouds, solid model and textured 3D model, is performed automatically with no off-line processing by the user, in less than few seconds.

The goal is to demonstrate that a combination of 2D and 3D techniques will provide higher quality results than either approach on its own. The objective is to use and expand the 3D Snapshot, to improve accuracy and effectiveness of existing 2D face recognition technologies, and to develop algorithms that will support fielding of reliable, valid, real-time full-3D face recognition to law enforcement, security, and military organizations.

This solution is to provide biometric detectors that accurately and rapidly identify individuals. The operational goal is to provide the capability to non-intrusively collect biometrics (face image, iris) in less than ten seconds without impeding the movement of individuals. This project will also investigate the multi-modal technology that will allow compare and match biometric samples from different sources, collected with different sensor technologies, under varying environmental conditions.

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