Command And Control

SIS developed a unique agent-based infrastructure called the Framework, as a new model for collaborative and interoperable command and control (C2).

The Framework consists of loosely coupled and dynamically formed agents that transport data and information between the application modules, operator displays, and distributed data repository services. The Framework interface agents enable a revolutionary "plug and play" capability with any desired legacy and/or net-centric hardware/ software element (i.e. any system, sensor, application, tool, database, etc.,) for quick and efficient systems interoperability. The interoperable and re-configurable attributes are scalable and extensible to accommodate collaborative mission needs, ranging from Navy C2 to Homeland Security and Emergency Response applications.

This solution can be used in a wide variety of operations that reach from the high level support for Network-Centric Warfare, down to Harbor and River Security and Traffic Management, and are fully ready for the transition to future command platforms and centers of any size and complexity. The SIS' innovative command center allows for improved and shorten decision cycle times with timely, consistent, common tactical / operational pictures that stay ahead of an adversary's ability to react or to the sometimes cumbersome task of managing our nation's congested waterways and ports.