Lifecycle Maintenance Management System (LMMS)

LMMS takes what would often be separate and compelling capabilities, integrating them into an enterprise-wide maintenance and modernization solution. LMMS integrates:

LMMS enables Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to transition from outdated manual, paper-based processes to real-time, digital processes that are accessible via secured web services. These secure browser-based solutions are available on a variety of hardware platforms.

LMMS is scalable and has an open architecture. LMMS can address the most pressing product management requirements and can incorporate both wired and wireless platforms. Mobilized teams enjoy better responsiveness by decreasing the time to respond to issues. Users can seamlessly access the data whether working online or offline and when downloading information. The ability to integrate new and legacy systems ensures that the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) information will be accessible for collaboration by all stakeholders anytime and anywhere.

LMMS intuitive interfaces allow Engineering, Maintenance, and Modernization information to be processed and shared among various operational locations throughout the Navy. The LMMS's "collaborative data distribution and visualization" solution maintains a single point of access for real-time knowledge sharing among agencies, divisions, or groups of people who need accurate, up-to-date mission-critical information.