News and Updates

MARTAC Collaboration

June 14, 2017

SIS worked extensively with Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc. and their Man-Portable Tactical Autonomous System USV to provide intelligent autonomous control to their vessels in Florida from our offices in Virginia.

Swarm II Demonstration in Chesapeake Bay

December 14, 2016

SIS continued our role as the lead integrator in the next generation of the Autonomous Swarm project for a second demonstration.

SIS developing Automated Deployment and Retrieval System

November 1, 2014

SIS has been working on an ONR SBIR for automated launch and recovery of towed bodies in high sea states. For more information visit the ARDS project page

SIS participates in ONR Swarm Demo

October 4, 2014

SIS served has the lead system integrator and software/hardware developer for the ONR Swarm Demo. SIS outfitted 5 USVs with CARACaS based autonomy kits. SIS also developed mission software. For more information see the Swarm project page


Swarm II

CNO Swarm

SIS USV Simulator with towed body